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Most people would prefer to be healthy and avoid illness. Unlike conventional medicine, which focuses on treating disease once it occurs, Spine & Joint Institute emphasizes correcting your posture and improving your health to reduce the risk of pain and illness in the first place.

For patients  who have experienced Chiropractic care before, Spine & Joint Institute takes traditional adjustments to an entirely new level, one which may allow you to rediscover health, wellness, and freedom of motion. For patients who are new to Chiropractic care, you can rest assured that you are in good hands. Learn more about our doctors, some of the techniques we employ, and what you can expect on your first visit or two.   

Aren't all chiropractors the same?

NOT AT ALL! Many people are surprised to learn that most chiropractors practice differently. Based on our studies, travels and clinical research we understand that the combination of joint and muscle manipulation, rehabilitation and therapeutic exercises offers patients superior, results-oriented care. 

What effect does a chiropractic adjustment have on joints? 

Research proves that chiropractic manipulation can actually prevent arthritis by restoring proper motion to the joint. Medical textbooks will tell you that it is the loss of motion that causes joint damage and arthritis. Further, the restoration of joint function provides the cartilage and disc (in the case of the spine) with improved blood supply. Better blood supply means better bodily nourishment and overall physical health.

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