Patient Reviews

Having a team doctor on the bench was a big part of our success.

review1I've been playing hockey for over seventeen years and as u can imagine I've had my fair share of injuries. But I never went to the doctor to get them checked out until last year when I had a team doctor for the first time. After having a doctor on the bench for one year I don't know how I played without one. For example during practice one day I hit a teammate and injured my shoulder and really didn't think much about it. Well the next day it was really bothering me so I talked to my team doctor and he made sure there was no permanent damage and before every game after that he would tape my shoulder up to make sure nothing happened again. Luckily I didn't have any other problems, but without a team doctor I would not have got it checked out and could've injured it more. When you have a team doctor on the bench you also play different. I would be more aggressive and finish my checks more often because I knew if I had gotten injured it would be taken care of immediately. Our team had a slight advantage on other teams for the simple fact that we were always healthy and protected from injuries. That year our team went to nationals and won our league. Having a team doctor on the bench was a big part of our success and I recommend all sports teams have one if they can.

-Dany Greene

With periodic adjustments from Dr. Felix, I was able to stay injury free.

review2I've always enjoyed working out and being physical. In high school I was a swimmer, and since then I have stayed active working out in the gym with weights and a little cardio. After doing the Lake St. Louis Triathlon my buddy and I considered doing a full Ironman triathlon (140.6 miles)!chiropractor sports doctor fairfax va

Having a long history of lower back pain I wasn't sure I would be able to complete the training let alone the race but decided to go for it. Training 20-30 hrs a week I was used to dealing with pain. But I quickly learned the difference between good pain (muscle adaptation) and bad pain (injury).

With periodic adjustments and advice from Dr. Felix Yasquen and his staff at Pinnacle Wellness and Rehab I was able to stay injury free most of the year leading up to the race. This is a testament to the folks at Pinnacle Chiropractic as most years I would suffer at least 2-3 injuries that sidelined me from training.

Then with 2 months to go until race day, I developed an overuse injury on the outside of my foot as a result of the constant abuse my body was taking and lack of sufficient recovery time.

When I went in to see Dr. Felix I was distraught, thinking all the training I had put in was for not. I had put in over 500 hours of training, over 4,000 miles on the bicycle, 500 miles of running and 100 miles of swimming and my foot was feeling every minute of that training.

Dr. Felix ushered me in with his calm and reassuring attitude, took an x-ray to rule out a fracture, and laid out an intensive treatment plan to get me to the starting line. Over the next 3 weeks with adjustments to my foot, ultrasound treatments, Kinesio taping and nutritional supplementation my foot slowly got better and I am happy to say I finished the Ironman in 11 hours and 26 minutes.

Dr. Felix's treatments were so good that the one part of my body that didn't hurt at the end of the race was my foot!!! If you are experiencing pain give Dr. Felix and the staff at Pinnacle a chance to help you get back on your feet and achieve your goals.

Whether it's to complete an Ironman or just live your life pain free Pinnacle can help.

Colin M. Peeler

I saw instant improvement from the start.

review3I have only been a patient of Dr. Felix's for the past 3 months, however I saw instant improvement from the start after the very first visit.

I have been to other chiropractors before, and though somewhat effective, nowhere near has my pfairfax va chiropractor reviewsain decreased so quickly.

Dr. Felix uses a variety of non-standard treatment methods, and they work. When I experience a flair-up, he goes and finds the root of the problem and fixes it. Dr. Felix has been a godsend!! I have had chronic neck and back pain for over 20 years. Not only has the pain pretty much disappeared, but my first re-evaluation x-rays showed a remarkable improvement in such a short period of time.

Neither Dr. Felix, nor I can believe how quickly my body has responded to his treatment.

Everyday I am able to do more and more things without pain that prior to my initial visit at the Spine & Joint Institute, caused immense pain and even some things I had to avoid doing altogether.

I regularly refer Dr. Felix to friends and family who need assistance with pain because I wholeheartedly agree with his treatments and what he is doing to fix lifelong problems. If you are having any pain or problems with your back/neck/knee/foot/shoulder/elbow/hand, give Dr. Felix and the Spine & Joint Institute a call. It is worth it to see him for at least a visit or two and then make your decision as to whether he is right for you.

I can say honestly with no hesitation that he knows what to do to resolve the pain and get to the root of the problem and fix it once and for all.

S. Schwarz
Fairfax, VA

I cannot convey the extent of relief I now feel.

review4I've dealt with TMJ pain for most of my life. While I've learned to live with it, the clicking, headaches and jaw pain have been getting steadily worse over the years.fairfax va chiropractor tmj

When Dr. Felix explained how he may be able to provide relief I was cautiously optimistic. After only a month of work on my jaw, I cannot convey the extent of relief I now feel. The clicking isn't there and I'm able to open my jaw wider without difficulty, but most importantly the pain and headaches have subsided.

I now dare to hope that I may be able to put the muscle relaxant back in the medicine cabinet-far back.

A. Relk

I regained mobility in my ankle.

review5Dear Dr. Felix,
I want to thank you for helping me gain more mobility in my ankle. I've been holding out for almost 30 years for medical technology to advance after suffering a traumatic injury to my ankle fairfax va chiropractor ankle painin a serious car accident.

After being told numerous times there was nothing that could be done other than fusing the joints together (which would give me less mobility) I resigned myself to the constant pain and limping.

Your technique of e-stim, ultrasound, then adjusting the ankle has resulted in me having more movement & less pain in that area.

Thank you for your thoroughness and kindness. It's a relief to have found you and make you my chiropractor.

H.H. of Fairfax, VA

The orthopedic doctors said there was nothing that could be done.

review6Dear Dr. Felix,
I want to thank you for helping me with my back and neck problems. At an annual check up, Ichiropractor fairfax va scoliosis was told that I have scoliosis in my spine with a 20 degree curvature.

The orthopedic doctors that I went to see said that there was nothing that could be done to help and to just hope that it didn't get worse.

However, after I went to see you, you reduced the curvature from 20 degrees to only 12. I also have much less chronic back and neck pain now, as well as increased mobility and reduced stiffness. Your combination of adjustments as well as E-Stim and strengthening using weights have made me feel healthier and have greatly increased my quality of life.